Rheonik RHE42 Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter for Field Mount

RHE42 Rheonik Corioliss Mass Flow Display for Field Mount is available with a range of firmware options, including Assurance Factor diagnostics to provide an optimal flow measurement solution. General Information Connectivity includes a full suite of communications buses including Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus TCP/IP. The RHE42 is a well specified transmitter relevant for large scale […]

Rheonik RHE28 Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter

The Rheonik RHE28 is an advanced function transmitter in a rugged epoxy coated enclosure designed for field mounting. With enclosure ratings up to IP67, the RHE28 has the flexibility to be installed in both ordinary and hazardous areas (Zone 2). Features such as API Standard Volume correction and Net Oil calculation are available. Measures Mass […]