Gastec 4M Tabung Detector Hidrogen Sulfida

Tabung Detektor GASTEC menunjukkan konsentrasi langsung melalui skala terkalibrasi yang dicetak pada tabung. Produk ini menggunakan tabung 4M yang digunakan untuk Hidrogen Sulfida (H2S). Fitur Pengukuran di tempat dapat dilakukan dengan mudah oleh siapa saja, kapan saja dan di mana saja, dalam waktu singkatPembacaan langsung yang mudah dilihat karena skala yang dikalibrasi dicetak langsung pada … Lanjutkan membaca Gastec 4M Tabung Detector Hidrogen Sulfida

Gastech Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2

GSP series Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2 GASTEC developed a detector tube system utilising an electric suction pump in response to growing user needs for improvements in measuring time and routine in the working environment. Moreover, although the reagent filling density of detector tubes is generally high, making effective sampling with conventional electric suction pumps next to impossible … Lanjutkan membaca Gastech Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2

Calibration gas generating equipment Gastec

Calibration gas generating equipment Generating Calibration gas with a permeation tube A permeation tube is a fluororesin tube that contains high-grade liquefied gas. When the tube is exposed to a certain temperature, liquefied gas penetrates the tube wall by osmosis in time-increments enabling a specific quantity of gas to be retained in the tube . … Lanjutkan membaca Calibration gas generating equipment Gastec

Gastec Generating calibration gas with a diffusion tube

Generating calibration gas with a diffusion tube A diffusion tube is a glass tube that consists of a liquid containing portion and a diffusing portion with a uniform inner diameter. A pure target liquid is put into the liquid container using a glass syringe. The liquid must have a vapour pressure of 5 to 400 … Lanjutkan membaca Gastec Generating calibration gas with a diffusion tube

Gastec CM-6B Carbon Monoxide Detector

Features & Specification Feature Slim / Compact and lightweight, only 100g The first model of this size to allow remote control measurements Explosion-proof RFI/EMI Shielding A simple auto-zero calibration procedure Low power consumption Specification Measurement range: 0 – 300 ppm (enhanced range: 301 – 999 ppm) Measurement method: Controlled potential electrolysis method Sampling method: Diffusion … Lanjutkan membaca Gastec CM-6B Carbon Monoxide Detector