eYc Gas ( CO / CO2 ) / Air quality

eYc’s core professional calibration laboratory, include temperature and humidity, dew point, air velocity, flow rate, pressure. The calibration is based on references, which are traceable to national or international measurement standards, also we work according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. All of our calibration laboratory certified by TAF (ISO / IEC 17025) (Accreditation No.3032) The … Lanjutkan membaca eYc Gas ( CO / CO2 ) / Air quality

Eltra Carbon / Water Analyzer CW-800M

Eltra Carbon / Water Analyzer CW-800M

ELTRA's CW-800M analyzer is designed for fractional analysis of carbon and water in one single operation. It is based on the proven technology of the CW-800 but has a modified furnace which allows fast adjustment of the temperature in the furnace. Different fractions of carbon and water of the sample are analyzed by applying different … Lanjutkan membaca Eltra Carbon / Water Analyzer CW-800M

Danfoss LLS 4000 Liquid level switch

LLS 4000

LLS 4000 The LLS 4000/4000U liquid level switch is designed to detect the state (gas or liquid) of the refrigerant in front of the sensing head, while installed in a wide range of refrigeration applications. The LLS level switch comes in 2 variants, LLS 4000 and LLS 4000U. They are identical except for the connector … Lanjutkan membaca Danfoss LLS 4000 Liquid level switch

Erdco Armor-Flo 3500

Erdco Armor-Flo 3500 Erdco Armor-Flo 3500 | Descriptions Armor-FloTM meters provide even more effective process control input with switching capabilities. Simple electromechanical switches define your process limits. Adjustable switches provide positive indication of flow/no flow conditions and may be positioned to actuate at specific flow rates. The design of the switch is to capture the indicator, … Lanjutkan membaca Erdco Armor-Flo 3500

Erdco Armor-Flo 3400

Armor-Flo 3400

Armor-Flo 3400 Measure liquid, gas or steam flow rates in horizontal or vertical pipelines. Armor-FloTM meters handle fluids that cannot be measured with the See-Flo® due to clarity, pressure or compatibility with wetted materials. The wedge shape of the meter body housing provides the Armor-FloTM with the same self-cleaning characteristics as the See-Flo®. Teflon® encapsulated cobalt magnets are used … Lanjutkan membaca Erdco Armor-Flo 3400

Hoffer Flow Control HO Series Turbine Flow Meter For Gases

HO Series Turbine Flow Meter For Gases

HOFFER FLOW CONTROLS was incorporated in 1969 in the state of New Jersey. For more than fifty years Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation. Our initial experience was in the field of cryogenic flow measurement. Today our reputation in this field is synonymous with quality. The … Lanjutkan membaca Hoffer Flow Control HO Series Turbine Flow Meter For Gases