Simplex Fire Protection Systems

Simplex Fire Protection Systems

Simplex Time Recorder operated under the private ownership of the Watkins family for over a century, expanding into the fire alarm and building systems business in the 1950s. History About Simplex Fire Protection Systems In 1894, a young engineer working for a Gardner, Massachusetts furniture manufacturer turned his energy towards finding a better way to … Lanjutkan membaca Simplex Fire Protection Systems

Danfoss PAH Pump For Marine Fire Fighting

The Danfoss PAH and PAH F high-pressure pumps are designed for fire fighting purposes with a flow capacity ranging from 14 to 187 l/min (3.7-49.4 gpm). The pumps are optimized for the use of tap water at temperatures from 2 to 50o C and pressures up to 160 barg (2,321 PSIG). The pumps can be … Lanjutkan membaca Danfoss PAH Pump For Marine Fire Fighting