Neutrik Industrial Connector

Neutrik industrial cable connector

Neutrik Group owned brand since the early 2000’s, Brand NEUTRIK®, NEUTRIK REAN, CONTRIK and has been repositioned as a global supplier with an extensive portfolio of ultra-robust, high reliability connectors for designers of audio, video and lighting products, offering unrivalled cost-performance ratios, backed by a global supply chain and highly experienced regional sales network. Additionally, … Lanjutkan membaca Neutrik Industrial Connector

HPT Series Amphenol, connectors

HPT Series connectors- Amphenol

HPT Series connectors are suitable for AC power supply where a durable latch locking connector is required. They are rated at 16A, 250 Vac. HPT Series connectors can be connected or disconnected under load and are IP65 rated. Features: 2+PE contact layout Quick-release, vibration resistant latch lockable High impact UV resistant material True Mains Connector … Lanjutkan membaca HPT Series Amphenol, connectors

XLRnet RJ45 Amphenol Ethernet Series Data Connector

XLR Connector G-Type Miniature XLR Connectors-Amphenol

XLRnet was designed in conjunction with the Amphenol Data / Telecom product group of Amphenol Canada Corp., a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation. Utilizing our combined expertise and knowledge of the professional audio and high-speed data markets we are proud to offer the XLRnet series. Featuring Class D (10/100 BASE-T), CAT5E (1000 BASE-T), or CAT6 (10GBASE-T) … Lanjutkan membaca XLRnet RJ45 Amphenol Ethernet Series Data Connector

MP-41 Multipin Amphenol Connectors

MP-41 Series Multipin Connectors

Amphenol’s MP-41 series of multipin connectors utilize the same design principals of the rugged Mil-C-5015 military connectors. They can withstand high shock and vibration environments and are ideal for tough on-road applications. MP-41 Series Multipin Connectors Featuring a quick mating bayonet coupling with an audible full mating feature ensures a positive connection every time. Available … Lanjutkan membaca MP-41 Multipin Amphenol Connectors

Amphenol K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs and Jacks

K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs & Jacks-Amphenol

Amphenol’s plugs and sockets range continually expand to meet the needs of our customers. The success of the M-Series phone plugs led to the RCA series being developed. The Miniature XLR range was a natural progression from our standard XLR series as the demand for smaller interconnects increased. The latest addition to the range is … Lanjutkan membaca Amphenol K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs and Jacks

AC Series Dual 1/4” (6.35mm) / XLR Chassis Mount

AC Series Dual 1/4” (6.35mm) / XLR Chassis Mount

The AC Series C type chassis receptacles feature two connectors in one space-saving housing. A combined XLR female receptacle together with a 6.35mm (1/4”) phone jack gives the designer more flexibility ensuring premium board space is saved. The new low profile high-density C type offers a 15% space saving over the traditional C type. Various … Lanjutkan membaca AC Series Dual 1/4” (6.35mm) / XLR Chassis Mount