Gastec Calibration Gas PD-1B And PD-1B-2

Calibration Gas PD-1B And PD-1B-2 | Gastec Generating Equipment The Permeate is a gas generator for calibration purposes that utilizes permeation and diffusion tubes to generate the calibration gas. When the permeation and diffusion tubes are set at a constant temperature, the weight of both the permeating and the evaporating diffusion gas will be respectively […]

Calibration gas generating equipment Gastec

Calibration gas generating equipment Generating Calibration Gas with a Permeation Tube A permeation tube is a fluoro resin tube that contains high-grade liquefied gas. When the tube is exposed to a certain temperature, liquefied gas penetrates the tube wall by osmosis in time-increments enabling a specific quantity of gas to be retained in the tube. […]