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Showa Lubrication System

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Showa Lubrication set out to manufacture fluid machineries at the time of the inauguration of the company and have provided coupling and hydraulic systems as well as lubrication oil feeding systems. Especially, as for lubrication oil feeding systems, Showa have supported various working machines, that produce parts with desirable forms and accuracy such as those for grinding down metals or creating holes. As an example, automobiles are manufactured by combining a lot of extremely precise parts with superb processing technologies produced by working machines. The safety and comfort of automobiles which are essential for our livings are formed by working machines.

Based on such viewpoints, having strong sense of mission to support working machines, Showa have been providing our lubrication oil feeding systems. As for lubrication oil feeding systems, the management of rubbing parts such as rotation or sliding parts of working machines is conducted so appropriately that the systems can play roles in manufacturing extremely precise products.
Because industries have been developing in various forms daily, people have been requesting more complex and upgrading products and also always requesting higher precise products than those provided before.

Showa has accumulated experiences and know-how and unique technologies as an integrated ability, with which we will aim at manufacturing products giving customers satisfaction on aspects of the functions and performances complying with their needs. Showa will also prove worthy of customers’ trust through honest business operation.

Lubrication System

Showa Lubrication System
Showa Lubrication System

Lubrication is essential to maintain the performance, accuracy, and best operating condition of machinery. Our centralized lubrication system can feed lubricant to multiple points from a single source.

Oil Lubrication System

Volumetric-motorized pump units

    • MLA※W Pressure Displacing Motor Pump
    • MLB※W Pressure Displacing Motor Pump
    • LCB3 Lubrication Unit
    • LCB3 (TMS) Lubrication Unit
    • LCB4 Lubrication Unit


    • DPB Dester Plunger
    • DSA, DSB Dester Block
    • DPB20L Dester Plunger (Visual Indicator)
    • DS Dester Block (Compact + Indicator)

Resistance-motorized pump units

    • MLA Continuous Motor Pump
    • MLC Continuous Motor Pump
    • MLD Continuous Motor Pump
    • LITER UNIT (MLA, MLC, MLD) Continuous Lubrication Unit
    • YMAS Cycle Pump
    • SMD Semi-Cycle Pump
    • SSMA Mini Semi-Cycle Pump
    • MY6 Accumulator Pump
    • MV Mini Liter Unit
    • LA Hand Pump


    • CONTINUOUS UNITS (Grease System Compatible)
    • VA, VB Dester Valve

Oil air unit/divider
Piping parts

Grease Lubrication System

Equipment for proceeding system

    • Motorized Grease Pump GPM
    • Motorized sign Pump MHG4
    • Motorized sign Pump MHG7
    • Manual Grease Pump GPH
    • Manual Sign Pump SHG
    • Dester G SG2
    • Dester G SG6

Equipment for single lumen

    • Motorized Grease Pump GPMW
    • Manual Greece Pump GPHW
    • Piston Distributor DG
    • Junction Block GD

Piping parts

    • Hose & Reusable Connectors GHA02
    • Hose & Reusable Connectors GH02D GH02H GH02B


    • Monitoring Accessories UT30PS
    • Monitoring Accessories DGE

Showa Lubrication grease

    • Special Lithium Complex Grease SLC1
    • Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease SLI


Source: Indonesia Industrial Parts – Measurement, Equipment, Electrical & Control (inaparts.com)

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