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Enovation Controls operates today as a stand-alone subsidiary of Helios Technologies [NYSE: HLIO] (formerly Sun Hydraulics Corp.). With an internationally diverse team of over 300 employees, we serve customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing and application engineering operations. We partner directly with OEMs and support a worldwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators.

About Enovation Controls

Our tradition of innovation was founded on the pioneering spirit of Frank W. “Pat” Murphy and his search for simple, reliable engine protection. In 1939, he transformed the world of engine instrumentation with the release of his innovative Safety Switch and the forming of FW Murphy Manufacturing.

In 2009, FW Murphy merged with EControls, forming Enovation Controls which operated four business units: Power Controls, Vehicle Technologies, Natural Gas Production Controls, and Fuel Systems. The Murphy brand along with the Power Controls and Vehicle Technologies business units were acquired by Sun Hydraulics in 2016 and today serve diverse applications across many markets.

Enovation Controls serves the needs of diverse applications through our trusted Murphy, High Country Tek (HCT) and Zero Off brands. These brands represent a full complement of integrated solutions benefitting today’s technology-driven customers. We serve a variety of markets including off-highway, recreational and commercial marine, power sports and specialty vehicles, agriculture and water pumping, power generation and engine-driven industrial equipment.

The rich history of rugged and reliable Murphy products has propelled Enovation Controls to become the well-respected and trusted partner to major engine and equipment manufacturers around the world. Simply put, our brand has become synonymous with innovation by providing cutting-edge, market-leading solutions demanded by today’s technology driven customers.

Enovation Controls Products


We are relentless in our pursuit of improved user experiences and performance-enhancing technology with display solutions that boast ease-of-use, intuitive design and rich customization. With best in class viewability and a wide range of sizes, there’s a PowerView® display perfectly suited to for any mechanical or electronic engine or equipment application.


The PowerView family of edge-to-edge displays bring the latest in technology and design to any application without compromising on usesability or protection. Designed for use with or without gloves, in bright sunlight or harsh weather, the glass-front PowerView family of edge-to-edge displays have a display for any size application.


The PowerView family of tactile-button displays give operators comfortable controls designed for use without or without gloves. PowerView displays are built strong with robust protection against harsh environments and best-in-class screens for unstrained viewability in bright sunlight. Bring user-friendly control to your application, with PowerView tactile-button displays.


Software development environment for PowerView® displays, PowerCore® controllers and I/O modules. PowerVision Configuration Studio is licensed and available on SPARK Software Manager.

  • Graphic toolsets for the design and scaling of text, gauge and bargraph data
  • Multi-layered screens for customized backgrounds, instruments, graphics and surrounds; day/night modes; warning, diagnostic and button-push ‘pop-ups’; video images
  • State-machines with graphical building of state-machine models
  • Data simulation for off-line viewing of configurations
  • Adaptable configurations for multiple display sizes



Targeted for pump and irrigation applications, the MPC-20 is a powerful, fully-sealed IP67-rated all-purpose industrial controller built to withstand harsh environments. Tier 4 Final and Stage V ready with auto and manual start, the MPC-20 includes various throttling options and a real-time clock. Easily viewable in full-sun conditions, MPC-20 has a large 3.8-inch easy-to-read, monochrome transflective LCD.

It is engineered for incredibly easy initial setup and is configurable by the user to meet the most versatile applications, allowing for quick uptime and less headaches on the manufacturing floor or in the field. Although a configuration tool is not required, the easy-to-use PowerVision Configuration Studio® software allows configuration of set points on a PC to save for future loading. The MPC-20 is also available in an ML2000 panel solution.


This powerful controller is a general controller for mechanical or electronic engine applications needing manual/auto start and manual/auto throttling. It supports J1939 CAN protocols for electronically governed engines as well as I/O for mechanical engines for fault and safety shutdowns.

MPC-10 boasts three levels of menu security, perfect for rental fleet protection, which can easily be set with the configuration tool. It is designed for all weather environments and is also available as the ML 1000-4X panel solution. The menu structure is incredibly user-friendly, with the ability to change many parameters and settings from the face without the need of a PC tool, if desired.


A superior turnkey electronic controller, the PowerCore® TEC-10 panel provides full control of your engine including auto start/stop, auto throttling and display of engine parameters along with critical faults from the engine/application. The TEC-10 supports SAE J1939 CAN protocols for electronically governed engines as well as analog sensors on mechanical engines for fault and safety warnings/shutdowns.

EMC Series

The controller provides a low current varying PWM signal to the fan/s based on command inputs. Setup and system monitoring are easily accomplished through the graphical user interface (GUI). This controller is complete with many selectable input and output configurations along with On-Demand and Set-Point command modes.

The health of the fan system can easily be determined by the diagnostic LED’s, the diagnostic J1939 CAN Bus messages from the controller, and by monitoring the system using the software interface.

EMC-6 & EMC-6L

Maximize engine performance by reducing the load on the engine and controlling the temperature regulated systems as needed. The automotive industry worldwide is investing to find the most effective means of improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions while cutting costs.

The EMC-6 is the simplest solution that provides immediate results by providing extensive input/output selection with easy to use complete customizable configuration software. This enables automotive/mobile design engineers and manufacturers the flexibility of reducing weight, combining electronic control systems and maximizing engine performance. A positive change for the environment while realizing significant financial savings.


This auto-start controller is designed to fit any engine-driven application requiring a simple and robust automatic start and stop sequence. Pumps, compressors, grinders, power units and generators are just a few of the industrial applications for the controller.

The Cascade controller is fully compatible with all major engine types. Whether you are running mechanical or J1939 engines, the controller will work with your application. The Cascade CD101 controller can also be used to replace legacy ASM150, ASM160 and ASM170 controllers.


Outputs allow control of engine fuel (energized to run),  starter motor and preheat. The Keystart also has an alarm output for…read more



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