Hengesbach Turbidity Sensor TURBIMESS NG

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Turbidity Sensor TURBIMESS NG
Turbidity Sensor TURBIMESS NG

TURBIMESS NG is an optical sensor measuring the reflected radiation arising from particles or fat droplets in liquid media. The operating and display elements are housed inside the device head. In addition to a 4-figure, 7-segment display, the device head features two LEDs and three push-buttons.

Status indicators for switching points

The device features two switching points. The operating status of each switching point is indicated by an LED. If a
switching point is activated, the supply voltage can be measured at the corresponding connection of the M12 plug connector (PNP action). At the same time, the corresponding LED also lights up. If the switching point is not activated, the LED does not light up and there is therefore no voltage to be measured at the corresponding switching point’s output.


  • Turbidity sensor with 2-wire 4….20 mA output
  • Process connections Clamp; Varivent; DIN 11851
  • 2 individual programmable switch-points with status LEDs
  • Integrated LED display
  • Easy parametrizing with three push buttons
  • Compact hygienic design made in stainless steel
  • 2 operating modes:
    – NTU mode (linear) for turbidities between 0 and 4.000 NTU
    – 9 select able support points for fat contents up to 30%
  • Temperature resistant long-term: 125°C /short-term 150°C


  • detection of product change
    (e.g. milk – cream – whey)
  • continuous monitoring of e.g. milk fat content / quality inspection
  • monitoring of the cleaning agents’ pollution degree during CIP
  • detection of filter breakdown
  • detection of yeast and cloudy fruit juice
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