Kobold DF-D Dosing Electronic Vane Flowmeter

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The evaluation unit changes the frequency signal of the pickup into a 3(4)-digit flow reading with adjustable scale (top line of display), and a scalable analogue signal. The dosage is displayed in the bottom line of the display. The unit of  measurement  can be selected. Included are two relays with floated output changeover contacts for various functions. The relay (S1) can be used to execute the flow monitoring, total volume monitoring, fine dosage or the pump control.

Kobold DF-D Dosing Electronic Vane Flowmeter
DF-D Dosing Electronic Vane Flowmeter

When the flow is being continuously monitored, it checks if the freely adjustable limits are exceeded or fallen short of. A choice can be made between threshold value and window monitoring. Switching point, hysteresis window point, and switch-on or switch- off delay can be set as desired. If monitoring of the total volume is selected, a check is made to see if the adjustable quantity limit is exceeded.

The dosage relay (S2) switches on when the dosage process starts, and then switches off again, once the dosage has flowed through. The dosage process can be interrupted by using the Start/Stop switch. By taking a correction quantity into account, it is possible to take any special features or conditions of the system into account. By entering a fine dosage, the bypass valve can be controlled with the relay (S1). A red LED indicates the relay’s switching status.

The Analogue output is available as a current output with 0(4) … 20 mA or a voltage output with 0…10 V. The parameter names in the menu can be displayed in either German or English. If used where the flow readings change rapidly, the display can be pacified and the analogue reading averaged by switching on some software. If the maximum set flow (exceeded range) is exceeded, it will be shown on the display. The set parameters can be protected against unauthorised alteration using a password function.

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