Copal Potentiometers M Series and JP-30B for mannual setting

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Potentiometer Copal M Series and Copal JP-30B

There are two basic methods, such as contact and contactless method in Our potentiometers. The contact method is classified into a conductive plastic resistor, and cermet resistor potentiometers depending on the resistor element used. Available models are single turn, multiturn, and linear types.

Our wire wound potentiometers make use of precision wire winding technology to achieve low noise and long life. Conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers use smooth coating resistors, providing essentially infinite resolution and long life. Contactless potentiometers are expected a much longer life than the contact method.


Potentiometers are displacement sensors that produce electrical output (voltage) in proportion to the mechanical
displacement. They are basically composed of a resistor and a wiper (brush), with the mechanical displacement of the resistor relative to the wiper being accurately converted into an electrical voltage output. A voltage is applied to both ends of the resistor, and the wiper is moved. The displacement is measured by the voltage between one terminal of the resistor and the wiper.


Optical contactless potentiometers shall detect the rotational angle at the time of shaft rotation by positioning sensor which photo-electrically transfers the displacement of light transmitted through a spiral slit that is placed between luminous elements and positioning sensors.

Copal potentiometers are used in various industrial equipment (industrial robots, injection molding machines, bank’s automatic teller machine), transportation equipment, computer peripheral devices, measuring instruments, and others for positioning and angle sensors, as well as for manual setting in communications equipment and measuring instruments.

Copal Potentiometer M series  – wire-wound Multiturn


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