Flux Flow Meter

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FLUX flow meters constructed on the nutating disc principle (FMC), oval rotor (FMO) or the turbine principle (FMT), provide the right solution for every application. Depending on the model and overall size they can be used on e.g. FLUX drum pumps or stationary e.g. in pipelines.

Using the digital display unit FLUXTRONIC® for FMC and FMO filling and metering processes can be carried out for virtually all liquids with maximum precision and the greatest possible safety. In automatic mode, there is the possibility of transmitting signals for control purposes. In this way, differing processes can be regulated.

there some product of FLUX :

FLUX FMC/FMJ Series For low-viscosity, also slightly soiledNutating disc meter for mobile use with FLUX drum and container pumps (FMC 100) or stationary in plant engineering (FMC 250) for liquids up to max. 2500 cPs.
FLUX FMO Series For pure fluids incl. high-viscosity liquidsThe flow meter constructed on the oval rotor principle is designed for the stationary use in pipelines and mobile use with FLUX drum pumps and eccentric worm-drive pumps.
FLUX FMT Series For pure low-viscosity fluidsThe FLUX flow meter FMT 50 PP works on the turbine principle and is a cost-efficient alternative to our flow meters FMO and FMC/FMJ. The FMT 50 is easy to operate and makes a fast and safe filling of liquids possible.
FLUXTRONIC­­® Modern Evaluation UnitWith the evaluation unit, FLUXTRONIC® for FMC/FMJ and FMO filling and dosing processes of almost all kinds of fluids can be performed with maximum precision and highest safety.  There is two operating options. While in “normal mode” only the passed through volume is displayed in “automatic mode” it is possible to fill preprogrammed quantities semi-automatically at the push of a button. As soon as the requested quantity is filled it is possible to output two signals. This way, e.g. a valve or a drive motor can be controlled or the signal is forwarded to a PLC.
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  • FMC 100: For manual or semi-automatic filling of different fluids
  • FMC 250: For plant engineering
  • FMJ 100: For manual filling of various fluids

-FLUX FMO Series

  • FMO 101: Flow meter for 0,04 – 1,67 l/min
  • FMO 102: Flow meter for 0,25 – 8,3 l/min
  • FMO 104: Flow meter for 1 – 30 l/min
  • FMO 110: Flow meter for 5,7 – 170 l/min
  • FMO 140: Flow meter for 9,5 – 245 l/min
  • FMO 150: Flow meter for 15 – 380 l/min

-FLUX FMT Series

  • FMT 120:Flow meter for 5 – 120 l/min

-FLUXTRONIC® Modern evaluation unit

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