Xonic X100 LM JAIN Ultrasonic Open Channel flow meter

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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow System

Xonic X100 LM Ultrasonic Open channel flow meter use Large transducers for the open channel which over 2 meter and Small transducers for the smaller sites which under 2 meters. The transducers of the system have their own patent of the design.

It measures not only the Velocity but also the Sound Speed of the flow to ensure it has an accurate measurement. Moreover, the system can compensate for the difference of the temperates and changes the measurement by its own diagnostic functions.

Xonic100LM Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter uses an ultrasonic transit-time method for flow velocity and uses a level meter to receive level data. Xonic 100LM use 4 pair transducers for large open channel and 2 transducers pair for small open channel application.

Xonic 100MC not only measure velocity but measure sound speed and can compensate temperature change by its own diagnostic functions. Xonic 100LM is newly developed and has very sophisticated diagnostic functions for better performance.

Xonic 100LM use certified new technology, that was recognized as NET (New Excellent Technology) from MoST in 2007 from Korean Government with PATENT “Very precise time measurement method” and Xonic 100LM also use PATENT “Transducer Design for Open Channel”. The patent is about transducer’s alignment method infield, and engineers can align one transducer to the opposite transducer very precisely with the laser pointer. Xonic 100LM transducers are designed like a ball type, so the transducer can be aligned in all directions.

  • Patent 10-0560364
  • Patent 10-0918369
  • NEP(New Excellent Product)
  • NET(New Excellent Technology)
  • Velocity from 0.01 m/s
  • Large LCD Color Display


Xonic 100LM measures flow velocity directly with patented 4 path transducers. Transducers are located at the end of each side to prevent any obstructions, and the level is located on the top of the open channel, and accuracy is within 1% of actual flow.

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Cross Flow Installation

In the case of a winding open channel, Xonic 100LM can use Cross Flow Installation to keep better accuracy. Path 1 & 3, Path 2 & 4 can be installed as a cross path to keep better accuracy.


  • Principle: Anti-Round Mode, Transit-Time With Cross-Correlation, Fast Fourier Transform
  • Measuring Path: 2 or 4 path
  • Measuring Width: 20 meters
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Sensitivity : 0.003 m/s
  • Data Output : 4-20mADC, Relay
    RS-232C / RS-485
  • Data Input : 4-20mADC
  • Datalogger: 4Mbytes
  • Display: Large Color LCD (128×64)
  • Temperature Range
    • Electronics : -20 to +60℃
    • Transducer: -40 to +120℃
  • Power: 110~220VAC, free voltage
  • Enclosure
    • Electronics: NEMA 4 (IP65)
    • Transducer: Submersible (IP68)

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