Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Energoflow GFE-211, Energoflow GFE-212

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Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Energoflow GFE-211, Energoflow GFE-212
Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Energoflow GFE-211, Energoflow GFE-212

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Energoflow GFE-211 and Energoflow GFE-212 are a brilliant example of genial engineering for achieving an optimal solution for gas flow measurement in large pipes and in cases where installation of inline meters is technically or commercially not viable. The meter comprises of electro-acoustic transducers hot tapped into the existing pipeline and connected to a remote electronics block. Of great importance is the exact positioning of the transducers. This is achieved by our engineers by using special methods and technologies and using a special tool for hot-tapping without the need to stop the flow in the pipeline.

Besides the reduction of cost, especially in the case of large pipelines where the flow meter body constitutes a major part of the cost of the device and installation calls for a capital effort, Energoflow GFE-211 and Energoflow GFE-212 gas flow meters provide all the traditional advantages of pulse-time ultrasonic technology – no pressure loss, no moving parts, reliable and accurate measurement, and easy servicing. They can be installed on pipeline 100 mm up to 1600 mm in size and can be used for a wide range of media like petroleum gas, flue gas coal gas, etc.The standard version of these flow meters can measure flow velocities in the range of 0.1 m/s …35 m/s. A special version of these flow meters is available for the measurement of flare gas where flow velocity can be as high as 70 m/s. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Dimension TypeVolumetric flow rate, m 3 /h
Threshold QthrMinimal
200G160012.017.0125.02 500.0
250G250019.026.0200.04 000.0
300G400027.038.0325.06 500.0
400G650048.067.0500.010 000.0
500G1000071.0100.0800.016 000.0
600G16000111.0160.01 250.025 000.0
800G25000177.0250.02 000.040 000.0
1000G40000288.0400.03 250.065 000.0
1200G65000470.0670.05 000.0100 000.0
1600G100000700.01 000.08 000.0160 000.0
2000G1600001 100.01 600.012 500.0250 000.00
2500G2500001 900.02 700.020 000.0400 000.00
3000G4000002 800.04 000.032 500.0650 000.00
4000G6500004 700.06 700.050 000.01000 000.00
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Ref: Energoflow.com

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