Human Machine Interface | HMI

The new generation of operator interfaces HMI 450, HMI 730, HMI 750, HMI 1050 & HMI 1550 . Operator interfaces are also well known as human machine interfaces, operator panels, operator interface terminals, HMI, human machine interface, industrial HMI, HMI screen, and HMI touch screen in different markets.


These new operator interfaces are mainly used with PLC programmable logic controller.  Sometimes they are also used with inverters, temperature controllers and bar-code readers.


Operator Panels, HMI are the interfaces between operator/ human and machines. The operators give commands through these interfaces to  PLC,  inverters or temperature controllers to control machines and process.

These are more modern devices than conventional physical switches, knobs & buttons, and have been widely used for better factory automation in industries of packaging, electrical & electronics manufacturing, textile manufacturing,  plastics, robotics, metal working,  food  &  beverage, chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, pulp & paper, water & waste water plant, automotive, electronic power, pharmaceutical, etc.


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