Weidmuller ACT20C Network-compatible Current Measuring Transducers

The ACT20C series was especially developed for applications with continuous processes. It enables the continuous monitoring of diagnostic, device and process information (“condition monitoring”). Several ACT20C components form a station which consists of an ACT20C Ethernet gateway, communicative ACT20C signal converters and an ACT20C bus termination terminal. ACT20C Network-compatible Current Measuring Transducers Specifications Technical Data … Lanjutkan membaca Weidmuller ACT20C Network-compatible Current Measuring Transducers

Weidmuller IT-TIMER Analogue Signal Processing

Timing relays are used in automation engineering in order to compensate for malfunctions caused by high clock rates. Short pulses are extended and hence are reliably identified by downstream control components. Various timing functions such as make and break delays, clock generator, and star/delta switchover are available to users IT TIMER Weidmuller Specifications Dimensions and … Lanjutkan membaca Weidmuller IT-TIMER Analogue Signal Processing