Flow Meter Group

Flow Meter Group FLOW METER GROUP (FMG) is an engineering/manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of energy and gas measurement systems. Located in the Netherlands, FMG produces a wide range of rotary and turbine gas meters, volume conversion devices, master meters, and calibration benches. Unique product features include self-diagnosis and tamper prevention. All … Lanjutkan membaca Flow Meter Group

Reference Rotary Gas Meters EFS-R Energoflow

Reference Rotary Gas Meters EFS-R is intended for installation on reference calibration rigs for calibration and verification of gas meters of any type with air as the operating environment. The meters are equipped with an electronics unit (EU) and rotary transducer with mounted binary pulse-frequency sensors and pressure sensors. The meter EFS-R is intended for measuring … Lanjutkan membaca Reference Rotary Gas Meters EFS-R Energoflow