Flow Meter Portable

Portable ultrasonic flow meter is a handheld battery operated portable ultrasonic flow meter. It is a versatile portable ultrasonic flow meter for flow metering of liquids such as raw water, chilled water, potable water, d. M. Water, oils, organic solvents etc. Using time proven ultrasonic transit time flow metering principle it achieves a flow metering for pipes ranging from … Lanjutkan membaca Flow Meter Portable

Langkah dan Cara Instalasi Flow Meter Ultrasonic

Jenis ultrasonic flow meter adalah satu satunya jenis jenis flow meter yang mempunyai tipe pemasangan secara clamp on, yaitu pemasangan flow meter tidak harus memotong atau melubangi pipa, tapi cukup menempelkan sensor ultrasonic atau transducer di permukaan luar pipa dan diikuti dengan clamp atau di ikat. Flow meter jenis clamp on ini ada yang diinstal … Lanjutkan membaca Langkah dan Cara Instalasi Flow Meter Ultrasonic

Flow Meter Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic flow meters are commonly applied to measure the velocity of liquids that allow ultrasonic waves to pass, such as water, molten sulfur, cryogenic liquids, and chemicals. Transit time designs are also available to measure gas and vapor flow. Be careful because fluids that do not pass ultrasonic energy, such as many types of slurry, … Lanjutkan membaca Flow Meter Ultrasonic

Flow Meter

Jenis Flowmeter Flow meter merupakan instrumen guna mengukur aliran dari suatu fluida baik liquid ( liquid flowmeter), sludge ( sludge flow meter) maupun gas ( flow meter gas), baik bertemperatur rendah hingga temperatur tinggi. Dalam memilih flow meter harus disesuaikan dengan kondisi fluid dan fungsi flowmeter itu sendiri. Karakteristik dari fluida yang diukur oleh flow meter sangat luas  mulai dari tingkat corosive fluida … Lanjutkan membaca Flow Meter

Battery powered ultrasonic water meters

Battery powered ultrasonic water meter FLOMIC FL102X Easy measurement without power grid Battery-powered ultrasonic water meters of the type series FLOMIC FL102X (FL1024 - compact version, FL1025 - remote version) are intended for industrial and commercial applications in water supply systems where they provide for measurement of instantaneous flow rate, pressure and consumption of water, as well as … Lanjutkan membaca Battery powered ultrasonic water meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meter jWAVE

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter jWAVE Now you can capture accurate and reliable flow readings with your mobile device, with less hassle and in less time—wherever you need a flow or volume measurement. No wires. No bulky electronics box to lug around. Your ultrasonic sensor hardware installs on the outside of your pipe … Lanjutkan membaca Ultrasonic Flow Meter jWAVE