Signal Horn PATLITE

PATLITE is a diversified, global company and highly-technology engineering and manufacturing company. Founded in 1947, PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security, and comfort of workplaces and communities. With more than 600 employees and the wholly-owned … Lanjutkan membaca Signal Horn PATLITE

Wenglor Rotary Encorder

Everything flows, nothing stands still. Nothing endures but change. And nowhere is this more evident than when reviewing one's own heritage. And that began for Hengstler over 150 years ago. Back then, in 1846, Johannes Hengstler, a watchmaker in Aldingen, in south-west Germany, started mass production of gong springs for clocks. As the decades passed, … Lanjutkan membaca Wenglor Rotary Encorder

Baumer Hubner Incremental Encoder

For more than 70 years Baumer Hubner has been setting new benchmarks in the development of durable components for drive systems. Baumer Hubner products have proven themselves worldwide in tough operating conditions, such as in the paper industry, wind power plants and outdoor crane installations. INCREMENTAL ENCODER Hubner Encoder OG 6 Hubner Encoder OG 60 … Lanjutkan membaca Baumer Hubner Incremental Encoder

Safety Plug Daiwa Dengyo ; SPT Series

Safety plug layaknya connector yang mempunyai fungsi sebagai pengaman sehingga mesin akan berhenti tidak bisa dioprasikan mana kala safety plug tidak diconnect. Berikut ini beberapa type dan model dari safety plug Daiwa Dengyo japan. SPT Series :  SPT-11, SPT-11-UL, SPT-11-CSA SPT-11-H, SPT-11-DL SPT-22, SPT-22-UL, SPT-22G SPTL-11, SPT-30D SPRS-11G, SPS-22A, SPS-22B, SPS-24A, SPS-24B RSPT-11-M, RSPT-22-G, SPT-11-GMY … Lanjutkan membaca Safety Plug Daiwa Dengyo ; SPT Series

Connector Harting

Harting connector Harting adalah brand connector yang paling popular karena disamping banyak di gunakan di dunia manufacture connector harting juga banyak digunakan di dunia otomatisasi, komunikasi, broadcast, kesehatan, transportasi, oil and gas dan power . Begitu banyaknya type dan model dari connector harting membawa konskwensi pemakian yang sangat luas. Karena itu harting conector  yang sering … Lanjutkan membaca Connector Harting

Battery Gas Flow Meters MF5700

MF5700 series mass flow meters feature cost effective ultra low power operating on 4 AA batteries. The portable design has excellent exchangeable mechanical adaptors, easy data accessible and user programmable capabilities. The internal data storage can also help for purpose flow applications. Features and Applications- Ultra low power by batteries or optional external AC adaptor - Potable design … Lanjutkan membaca Battery Gas Flow Meters MF5700