Coriolis Flow Transmiter

Inside the measuring sensor, there are precision tubes that are energized by an electromagnetic drive system, which itself is fed by the transmitter, to vibrate at their natural frequencies. When a liquid or gas flows through the vibrating tubes, it is subjected to additional deflection due to the degree of inertia that is generated. This … Lanjutkan membaca Coriolis Flow Transmiter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

One is that Coriolis mass flowmeters remain the most accurate mass flow meter, and they are highly reliable with little need for maintenance. Coriolis meters do not place any obstruction in the flowstream, although bent-tube meters can slow down flow velocity. Straight-tube meters have been developed to address this effect and to suit the needs of … Lanjutkan membaca Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Rheonik Mass Flowmeter

the development of Coriolis meters for line sizes above 6 inches. Rheonik, now part of GE Measurement, used to be the only company offering large line-size Coriolis meters. Coriolis mass flow meter are primarily targeting oil & gas applications. Many of them, though not all, are designed for custody-transfer applications. Rheonik Messgeräte GmbH has more … Lanjutkan membaca Rheonik Mass Flowmeter