Flomag Flow Measurement

Flomag Measurement

Flomag Flow Measurement s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a leading Czech manufacturer of electromagnetic flow meters. Company was founded in the end of 1992 and during the next year the first electromagnetic flow meters with own construction were presented at the market.

Flomag Flow Measurement General Information

Soon after that, our products established in different industries – water and waste water plants, sugar plants, chemical and food and stuff industry. Company has established and applies a quality system according to EN ISO9001:2016. Thanks to our own development department we can flexibly react to the customers’ requirements and to offer individual solution according to the actual necessity. Our own know-how and the efficient production warrants very favourable price which is practically unrivalled at the market. The high work-in-process warrants very short delivery terms.

The high utility value and quality of the products allowed to penetrate into the advanced foreign markets and to compete against the prestigious world-known manufacturers. We have long-term stable representatives in West Europe, especially in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Romania, Turkey and United Kingdom. We successfully deliver also outside Europe, for example to Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Peru etc. 80% of our production goes to export.

Flomag Flow Measurement Products

Flomag Magnetic Sensor P
Flomag Magnetic Sensor P

Flow Meter Electromagnetic

Magnetic flow meter is a volume flow rate meter for conductive fluids in pipelines. It allows measurement of flow rates in both directions.

  • Sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter FLOMAG
  • Transmitter of the electromagnetic flow meter FLOMAG
  •  Tools of the electromagnetic flow meter FLOMAG

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Ultrasonic level sensor is designed for level measurement of liquids in closed and open tanks and channels. It is used in potable and waste water plants, food and stuff industry, etc. The sensor generates ultrasonic waves to the surface of the measured liquid. The ultrasonic waves reflect from the liquid surface and go back to the sensor.

Microprocessor measures the time from the ultrasonic pulse generation to receipt of reflected pulse. Microprocessor realizes automatic temperature correction of the ultrasonic speed, control of the received echo signal, correction of the amplification and adaptation to the dynamics of the process.

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The level of the liquid is calculated for set basic distance L0. The information for the measured distance/level is transmitted to the current output and serial interface RS485.

Ultrasonic Level Switch


It was designed for level control of liquids, process/alarm signalisation or control of pumps, valves, etc.


  • easy installation
  • no moving parts
  • independence from the type of the liquid (conductivity, viscosity, etc)
  • electrically isolated from the liquid
  • permanent hysteresis 2 mm

Working principle

The switch is based on the difference of the ultrasonic signal passing through the air and the liquid, between two piezoelements. When the chink between the both piezoelements is not covered by the liquid, the ultrasonic signal damps out in the air and there is no any output signal. When the liquid level covers approximately 50% of the chink between the piezoelements, acoustic contact takes place and the output activates.


Sensor hangs on its cable in the required level depth. In case of considerable whirls, it is necessary to ensure stationary fixation.

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Ref: Flomag Measurement and Control Equipment

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