Daiichi Nekken Analyzer

Daiichi Nekken Analyzer

Daiichi Nekken Analyzer was founded as an engineering company of energy-saving products on 1972. Currently, the headquarter of Daiichi Nekken is located in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

General Information

As a part of business, aimed at its future of Oxygen analyzers for exhaust gas started importing and selling of Oxygen analyzers. Took the initiative in spreading maintenance-free Oxygen analyzers in the country. These days, gas analyzer has been needed for the environmental problem of the global warming and exhaust gas. And it has been also necessary for the management of the process gas that is used for the electronics and the semiconductor factory.

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On March 2000, Daiichi Nekken has been acquiring ISO 9001 for design, development, manufacture, and additional service of Zirconia oxygen analyzer. Daiichi Nekken Co., Ltd also has some official distributors in a few countries, such as:

  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Dubai

Quality Policy

  • To always think of customer’s satisfaction and respond to customer’s needs and expectations.
  • To make effort in improving product quality.
  • To actively challenge technical innovations.
  • To steadily supply high quality products.
  • To primarily solve quality problems.

Daiichi Nekken Analyzer Main Product

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

TB series can be used for various applications such as small amount of oxygen in pure gases, vacuum atmosphere, and exhaust gas.

UltraSonic Gas Analyzer

The ultrasonic gas analyzer can measure all kinds of mixed two sorts of gases theoretically

Gas Analyzer Panel

Daiichi Nekken design and manufacture gas analyzer panel in which gas analyzer instruments, sampling devices, and control devices are installed. In one panel, some sampling equipment such as tubes, connectors, solenoid valves and control devices such as PLC, relays are installed. A combination of various analytical instruments according to facilities is possible.

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Handling product

  • Thermco Products (Gas Mixer, Gas Analyzer etc.): Daiichi Nekken introduces the American unique products such as an industrial gas mixer, the heat conductive gas analyzer as a Japanese general agent of Thermco instrument company
  • Red Lion Products (Digital Panel Meter, Signal Conditioner etc.)

Reference : daiichinekken.co.jp

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