Pepperl+Fuchs LA39/LK39/31/40a/116 Thru-beam sensor

LA39_LK39_31_40a_116 Thru-beam sensor

Series 39 sensors are characterized by their high performance level, compact housing design, and variety of available versions. These include thru-beam sensors with a 20 m detection range, retroreflective sensors with polarization filter for a 5 m detection range, energetic diffuse mode sensors with an 800 mm and 2000 mm detection range, and a background suppression sensor with 500 mm detection range.

Pepperl+Fuchs LA39_LK39_31_40a_116 Thru-beam sensor
LA39_LK39_31_40a_116 Thru-beam sensor

Fitted in a robust plastic housing, this series is ideal for tough industrial applications. The sensors are supplied with 10 V to 30 V DC, or 24 V to 240 V AC/DC. Various transistor and relay outputs are available as signal outputs. Standard features include prefault diagnostics and pre-fault output. The switching element function can be changed using the light/dark switch.

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  • Light/dark ON, switchable
  • Supplied with mounting accessory
  • Degree of protection IP67

Technical Data

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