Bamo MNR 6 Magnetic Level Controllers

Reed contacts are adjusted at factory according requested trigger points; They are actuated by the magnetic float. Wet parts are in PVC, PPH, PVDF or stainless steel.

Magnetic Level Controllers MNR 6
Magnetic Level Controllers MNR 6

Quick commissioning:

Trigger point distances are determined prior to manufacture in relation to the sealing surface, in order to ensure the correct position of the contacts. The float can be removed from the bottom of the MNR6 controller (end stop ring removed). it is useful to order the option 2” coupler or a flange NB 50 to allow the float introduction from the tank top when possible.


The use of a relay ES2001 is recommended to protect the Reed contact by a low intensity current in the loop and to procure a great longevity to the device.


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