eYc Gas ( CO / CO2 ) / Air quality

eYc’s core professional calibration laboratory, include temperature and humidity, dew point, air velocity, flow rate, pressure. The calibration is based on references, which are traceable to national or international measurement standards, also we work according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. All of our calibration laboratory certified by TAF (ISO / IEC 17025) (Accreditation No.3032)

The National Accreditation Foundations (TAF) a certification body, accredited by the International Laboratory Accreditation Alliance (ILAC), has signed an inspection mutual recognition agreement with ILAC. It provides accurate calibration services through TAF on behalf of Internationally recognized grade standards and can be traced back to the SI unit.

Our calibration laboratory has the measurement uncertainty evaluation report and calibration procedures for each system.
We believe that after our service will help our clients to maintain the best quality and stability of your sensor and instrumentation standards.

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eYc Gas ( CO / CO2 ) / Air quality

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