Pepperl+Fuchs ML29-2P/25/103/143 Thru-beam Sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs ML29-2P/25/103/143

The narrow miniature thru-beam sensors are a small and cost-effective solution, fitting in virtually any door frame. The ML29 and ML30 series offer fast, reliable detection at a distance of up to 8.5 m. The sensors are easy to mount on the profile, either using adhesive strips or a screw. A large opening angle ensures problem-free alignment. Several sensors can be mounted in a cross formation to offer multi-beam protection.

Pepperl+Fuchs ML29-2P/25/103/143
Pepperl+Fuchs ML29-2P/25/103/143
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  • Single-beam monitoring with extremely narrow sensor
  • Integrated circuit
  • Test
  • Simple installation – Plug & Play
  • Ideal for installation in door profiles or frames
  • Dual-beam version master/slave for dual-beam protection of closing edges

Technical Data

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