Hirschmann SPIDER PoE Injector

SPIDER PoE Injector

The SPIDER 2TX PoE Giga EEC injector is equipped with two RJ45 ports that both support Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 BASE T) one port additionally supports PoE+ (up to 30 W compliant with IEEE 802.3at). The extremely robust metal housing, measuring 30 x 140 x 95 mm, can be mounted either on a DIN rail or on the wall.

Hirschmann SPIDER PoE Injector
SPIDER PoE Injector

The PoE injector meets the requirements of protection class IP30. Additional features include plug-and-play activation, an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, and a redundant power supply (24/48 VDC), with LEDs to display the status of its own power supply and the PoE port.

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  • Cost-effective powering of devices via the data line, without replacing any installed standard switches
  • Maximum performance thanks to gigabit speed and PoE+
  • Can be used in demanding industrial environments thanks to its robust metal housing and extended operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C)
  • IP30 protection class
  • Resistant to impacts, vibration and electromagnetic fields (EMC)
  • Fast activation by plug-and-play
  • Redundant power supply (24/48 V DC)
  • ED displays of the power supply and PoE port status
  • Compact dimensions (30 x 140 x 95 mm)
  • DIN rail or wall mount

Technical Information

Read more:https://inaparts.com/electrical-parts/hirschmann-spider-poe-injector/

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