Pepperl+Fuchs LA29/LK29-Z-F1/31/116-SET Thru-beam sensor

Series 29 is a range of low-cost and, most importantly, reliable photoelectric sensors for monitoring industrial doors, elevators, and automatic gates. Their high degree of protection makes them the ideal solution for tasks outdoors and at thresholds, and in harsh environments.

Pepperl+Fuchs LA29_LK29-Z-F1_31_116-SET Thru-beam sensor
LA29_LK29-Z-F1_31_116-SET Thru-beam sensor

These “universalvoltage sensors” can be operated with any supply voltage from 24 V to 240 V, and with direct current or alternating current.

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  • Robust, compact photoelectric sensor for single-beam gate protection
  • Very high detection range
  • No measurable emitted interference on all frequencies
  • Not sensitive to ambient light, even with energy saving lamps
  • Adjustable timer functions
  • Version with accessories in scope of delivery

Technical Data

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