Bamo Resistive Level Detector RXM 2851

Bamo Resistive Level Detector RXM 2851

Bamo Measures Sas has been founded in 1978. Its capital is now 400 000 Euros. Since the beginning, the company has undergone a rapid development centring on industrial pH-meters and conductivity meters. Bamo is now well-known as a leader on the French market.

Since 1990, new developments in the Level Measure have given a new spring in the export. To its own production range, the company holds numerous agencies of foreign companies in Europe and all over the world. So we are offering a complete line with always the best possible service.

Bamo Resistive Level Detector RXM 2851
Bamo Resistive Level Detector RXM 2851

Bamo is a company that comes from France. This company selling some product. The product of Bamo such as pH and ORP; Chlorine, disinfection; Data processors; Conductivity; Water hardness; Turbidity; Oxygen; Level; Temperature; Flow; Pressure; Plastic valves; Metal valves.


The RXM detects the difference of resistance between the detection electrode and the reference electrode when the liquid comes into contact. The reference can be the wall of the metal container or a second electrode. To carry out this detection, a DC voltage of 12V is applied between the electrode and the reference. The value of the resistor to detect varies according the liquid and distances to cover between the electrode and the reference.

Limit detection adjustment

The detection limit of the RXM is defined as the maximum value of the resulting resistance of the product for which the detection can occur. – The detection limit is adjustable between 4.7 to 100 MΩ. – Take care to use the specific coaxial cable (Ref. CCA) to connect the electrodes to the relay RXM. – The detection limit potentiometer is accessible after taking off the transparent plastic lid.

Resistive probes

Choose the right probe according to operating conditions and the chemical compatibilities (liquid, pressure, temperature, etc.).


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