Bamo Alarm System for Oil-Water Separators NivOil® / 12 V DC

Alarm System for Oil-Water Separators NivOil® or 12 V DC

Designed for the monitoring of hydrocarbon fluids separators, the alarm device NIVOIL may be connected to 1, 2 or 3 sensors.

  • Hydrocarbon layer thickness sensor to detect when the maximum thickness is reached.
  • Overfill sensor to detect when the fluids are on the highest level.
  • Sludge layer sensor for alarming when maintenance is necessary.

The 3 sensors may be connected to any input of the alarm device NIVOIL. Any combination of the sensors can be wired. The instrument recognizes automatically the level sensor type. A LED indicates the sensor type on the diagram on the front board. The alarm device NIVOIL has a built-in buzzer; it is possible to disable its function.

Alarm System for Oil-Water Separators NivOil® / 230 V AC
Alarm System for Oil-Water Separators NivOil® / 12 V DC

Low power consumption

This model working with a 10 to 27 V DC power supply has low energy consumption. It is designed for the use of a solar powered battery or any standard electric battery (consumption is 0.1 W – 12 V DC – with 3 sensors connected with one complete control cycle per hour).

Sleep mode

This mode is adjustable by modifying the frequency of control cycle (from 6 minutes up to 9 days). A continuous control mode could be switched on when there is no limit on consumption.

ATEX certified

All the components are ATEX certified. The sensors are for a location in zone 0 and the alarm device corresponds to a zone 2.


  • Low power consumption – 10…27 V DC power supply input
  • Zone 0 ATEX certified (Zone 2 for the alarm device location)
  • Solar powered or standard electric battery – Energy saving mode adjustable (control frequency adjustable from 6 min up to 9 days)
  • 3 inputs, for any NIVOIL probes
  • Automatic recognition of type probe
  • 3 relay outputs with audible alarm
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