Weidmuller ACT20C Network compatible Signal Converters

With the ACT20C, Weidmüller is presenting a completely new type of signal converter. The compact module is equipped with an Ethernet connection and provides, in addition to signals, precise information on the status of sensors, signal processing and cabling.

ACT20C, as a signal converter, isolates, scales and converts analogue current and voltage signals; it can be configured directly with the “WI-Manager” software or via an Ethernet network. The software is based on the supplier-independent FDT/DTM technology.

Weidmuller ACT20C Network-compatible Signal Converters
Weidmuller ACT20C Network Signal Converters

The ACT20C has been designed specifically for process automation in order to continuously forward measured values and status information to networked devices. During standard operation, malfunction, maintenance or configuration via the network, this allows a precise display of the current status.

In case of error, the ACT20C supplies precise information for error analysis and can therefore contribute to higher system availability.


Technical Data

Dimensions and weights

  • Length : 119.2 mm
  • Width : 22.5 mm
  • Depth : 113.6 mm
  • Weight : 180 g
  • Length (inches) : 4.693 inch
  • Width (inches) : 0.886 inch
  • Depth (inches) : 4.472 inch
  • Net weight : 169 g


  • Humidity : 0…95 % (no condensation)
  • Operating temperature : min. -20 °C
  • Storage temperature : min. -20 °C
  • Storage temperature : -20 °C…85 °C
  • Operating temperature : max. 70 °C
  • Storage temperature : max. 85 °C
  • Operating temperature : -20 °C…70 °C

Environmental Product Compliance 

  • REACH SVHC : Lead 7439-92-1

Signal processin

Read more:https://inaparts.com/electrical-parts/weidmuller-act20c-network-compatible-signal-converters/

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