Pepperl+Fuchs GD18/GV18/73/120 Thru beam sensor

GD18/GV18/73/120 Thru-beam sensor

The GLV/GLK18 series sensors help improve the efficiency of machines and systems. The design of the M18 plastic housing, the connection technology, and sensor properties are highly standardized. Concentrating on the key sensor requirements has produced a robust and reliable product series for DC and AC/DC voltage systems without any overengineering.

Pepperl+Fuchs GD18/GV18/73/120 Thru-beam sensor
GD18/GV18/73/120 Thru-beam sensor

The mounting set included in the scope of delivery and the optimized potentiometer design ensure fast assembly and easy configuration.

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  • Efficient Line in a short M18 plastic housing for standard applications
  • Very high detection range
  • 4 LEDs indicator for 360° visibility
  • Version with front optical face
  • DC voltage version

Technical Data

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