Model 1H Brill® Compact Tube Type Oil Skimmer

Model 1H Brill® Compact Tube Type Oil Skimmer

The Model 1H is the most compact Brill® tube-type skimmer manufactured by Oil Skimmers, Inc. The unit is designed to remove oil from aqueous washing and machining coolant tanks where restricted access or small surface area make skimming a challenge.

As with all Oil Skimmers, Inc. tube skimmers, the Model 1H provides continuous oil removal anywhere it’s needed – from parts washing operations in custom machine shops to start-up oil recovery ventures. This is a high-quality, economical solution you can depend on to get the job done.

Model 1H Brill® Compact Tube Type Oil Skimmer
Model 1H Brill® Compact Tube Type Oil Skimmer

Skim Oil Effectively – Cut Costs

With Model 1H working continuously to remove oils, sludge or grease, the life of coolants and washing tank solutions is extended. That translates into lower expenses. Because you don’t need to drain and recharge as often, your detergent or degreasing supplies last longer and your fresh water bills go down.

Wastewater treatment and disposal costs decrease, as well, because the water drained out of the tanks is cleaner, requiring less treatment. Another benefit is that this small, but highly practical skimmer helps you stay compliant with water discharge regulations.

Optimize Operations, Increase Revenue with Continuous Oil Skimming

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