ORTS Oilskim Oil Removal and Transfer System

ORTS - Oil Removal and Transfer System

The ORTS® from Oil Skimmers, Inc. is a complete oil removal and transfer system, all on one skid. The system efficiently removes oil from the surface of the water, stores the recovered oil, and transfers it to a remote location. The system is available in a wide variety of configurations and is completely customizable to meet any application requirement.

With its rugged construction, wear-resistant materials, and gearing engineered to require minimal power and maintenance, the Oil Skimmers Inc. ORTS is a versatile, flexible, and cost-efficient oil removal system.

ORTS - Oil Removal and Transfer System
ORTS – Oil Removal and Transfer System

The ORTS is applied in a variety of industries from rail yards to steel mills, positioned over or near ponds, pits, and sumps to allow the free-floating collector tube to continuously pick up oil as it easily snakes over and around any floating debris.

The ORTS comes pre-wired and ready to go with a controller to power the skimmer and integrate standard and optional equipment, including pumps, timers, tank level switches, and more. The system can be heated and fully insulated to operate 24/7 in the harshest winter conditions.

Features and Benefits

Read more:https://inaparts.com/mechanical-parts/oil-removal/orts-oilskim-oil-removal-and-transfer-system/

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