ESS™ oil skimmer Enclosed Skimming System

ESS™ Enclosed Skimming System

The ESS™ Enclosed Skimming System is a complete oil removal solution that is enclosed to protect the skimming components from wind or weather, harsh environments indoors or out, prevent tampering, address aesthetic and environmental concerns, and enclose any leaks or drips.

If the application requires, the ESS can be completely sealed and gasketed to contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from escaping into the environment.

ESS™ Enclosed Skimming System
ESS™ Enclosed Skimming System

The ESS™ Enclosed Skimming System is comprised of three main components:

  • System Core
  • Height Extension
  • Adapter Plate

System Core

The System Core is made up of a fully enclosed hood, a Model 6V oil skimmer (Model 7V also available), an access door, an oil/water decanter, and a motor controller.

Model 6V Oil Skimmer
The workhorse of our oil skimmer family and the heart of the ESS. The free-floating collector tube continuously picks up oil and the skimmer can run 24/7, unattended.

Access Door
Allows for easy access, system maintenance, and observation. The access door can be customized to be bolted on, hinged, lockable, and windowed, depending on the application needs.

Oil/Water Decanter

Ensures the least possible percentage of water in the collected oil. It returns any collected water so only oil moves to the collection vessel. The decanter can be a standard rectangular shape or angle. Angled decanters better fit specific narrow openings in applications, like manways.

Adapter Plate

In certain applications, the Adapter Plate allows the ESS to fit perfectly on an existing manway or opening. Like the Extension, the Adapter Plate is also customizable and is made to fit the existing opening and even bolt pattern for each specific application. Some applications may not require the addition of an Adapter Plate.

The ESS comes completely assembled and ready to install and can be constructed out of a variety of materials, including carbon steel (primed and painted), stainless steel, and aluminum. It is the ideal solution for applications that require atheistically pleasing environments, containment of moving parts, protection from external conditions, or to perfectly fit atop tank openings or manways.

Centaur ESS

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