PDFlo™ PDFOP Flocorp Fiber Optic Sensor

PDFlo™ PDFOP Flocorp-Fiber Optic Sensor

Flow Transmitter

PDFlo™ PDFOP fiber optic sensors are designed to transmit a safe fiber optic signal, allowing the incorporation of flow meters into fully charged electrostatic systems. The fiber optic sensor is compatible with FLO-CORP’s PDFlo Positive Displacement Flow Meters. The PDFOP consists of a Reluctance Pickup with a Fiber Optic Transmitter, Fiber Optic Cable and Fiber Optic Receiver.

PDFlo™ PDFOP Flocorp-Fiber Optic Sensor
PDFlo™ PDFOP Flocorp-Fiber Optic Sensor

The PDFOP consists of a pickup coil, battery/electronic module, and an infrared transmitter. The sensor coil is the sensing device. The coil is a low ohm, low inductance device embedded in a stainless steel housing. Embedded in the pickup   is a small magnet which will generate pulses to a coil when the magnetic field in front of the pickup changes

The infrared wavelength from the transmitter is approximately 820 nm and the pulse lasts no longer than 30 μs. By producing this very short pulse, the life of the internal DC power source can be greatly enhanced.

The power source is a heavy-duty 7000 mAH Lithium “C” cell battery. By utilizing CMOS technology in the PDFOP amplifier/transmitter, the quiescent current is below 10μA and increases to approximately 60μA when the gears are turning at 100Hz. Due to the

very low drainage on the battery, a life expectancy of the battery/electronic module is between 5 and 10 years depending upon the flow rates and time of use. When the battery is installed by FLO-CORP, a label with the installation date is taped to the battery. Do NOT remove this label!

Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-meter-indonesia/pdfop-flocorp-fiber-optic-sensor/

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