MP-62/MP-65 Series Multipin, Amphenol-Circular Connector

Amphenol’s Multipin MP-62 series of circular connectors utilize the same design principles as the Mil-C-26482 military connectors. Featuring a three-point quick mating bayonet coupling and five key polarisations ensuring a positive connection every time. Available in two contact pin layouts 39 and 61 with gold plated solder contacts fitted
as standard.

MP-62 MP-65 Series
MP-62 MP-65 Series


  • 39 or 61 pins.
  • Environmental resistant.
  • Gold plated solder contacts.
  • Black finish.
  • Neoprene insert.
  • Positive bayonet locking
  • Protective dust caps
  • PG cable glands
  • Metal housings


  • Colour coded boots(backshells) and rings to assist in cable identification.
  • In-line adaptors. Pre-wired for convenience.
  • Termination tool for fast assembly of cable connectors.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Metal boots(backshells) for rugged environments.
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