FloSentry 3™ MFFS3 Universal Single Or Dual Flow FLocorp Switch System

Compatible with all MEMFlo flow meters, FloSentry 3™ flow switch is a great choice for a variety of single or dual alarm applications. FloSentry 3™ provides a high/low or high and low level switch with a dry contact relay output and is DC powered. This alarm system can be added to most MEMFlo flow devices to provide intelligent process automation as well as safety capabilities.

The red LED alert light brings immediate attention to process conditions. Typical applications include process lube oil flow, gas flows, biodiesel fuel manufacturing, chemical processing, biomedical, coolant system, water and wastewater treatment facilities.

FloSentry 3™ MFFS3 Universal Single Or Dual Flow Switch System
FloSentry 3™ MFFS3 Universal Single Or Dual Flow Switch System

MEMFlo FloSentry 3™ flow switch consists of two main components – the MEMFlo flow meter and the FloSentry 3™ switch assembly. FloSentry 3™ is a single or dual alarm set point. The Hall Effect Sensor is enclosed in a field enclosure rated either NEMA 4X or NEMA 7, depending upon the area classification.

The sensor is then mounted over the MEMFlo flow meters measuring tube. The assembly can be adjusted either up or down depending on high flow switching or low flow switching.

Features and Benefits

  • Adds reliable alarm switching to most MEMFlo flow meter models
  • Warns of undesired flow deviations in process lines such as seal water, coolants, water and waste treatment, lubrication, boiler feed water & annealing atmospheres
  • Reliable single or dual alarm
  • Non-contacting electronics – electronics never come in contact with the flow media
  • Easy access for switch adjustment without interrupting flow meter operation

Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/flosentry-3-mffs3-universal-flow-flocorp-switch-system/

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