Amphenol K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs and Jacks

K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs & Jacks-Amphenol

Amphenol’s plugs and sockets range continually expand to meet the needs of our customers. The success of the M-Series phone plugs led to the RCA series being developed. The Miniature XLR range was a natural progression from our standard XLR series as the demand for smaller interconnects increased.

K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs & Jacks-Amphenol
K-Series (3.5mm) Plugs & Jacks-Amphenol

The latest addition to the range is a professional grade 3.5mm phone plug designed for applications that require a robust interconnect.


  • Mono or TRS (Stereo).
  • AX Series inspired shell design.
  • Suits Cable O.D from 2.5mm to 5mm (0.098” to 0.196”)
  • Robust diecast shell in Satin Nickel or Black finish.
  • Nickel or Gold contact plating.
  • Flexible grommet cable protection.
  • Improved solderability.
  • Precision machined contacts.
  • Standard or Bulk packaging.


  • Black Shell,
  • Gold contacts.
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