XLRnet RJ45, Amphenol-Ethernet Series Data Connector D Type

XLRnet was designed in conjunction with the Amphenol Data / Telecom product group of Amphenol Canada Corp., a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation. Utilizing our combined expertise and knowledge of the professional audio and high-speed data markets we are proud to offer the XLRnet series. Featuring Class D (10/100 BASE-T), CAT5E (1000 BASE-T), or CAT6 (10GBASE-T) ethernet performance in A, B, or D shell housings with integrated LED and complete shielding options we have your high-speed data requirements covered.

XLRnet RJ45 Ethernet Series Data Connector D Type-Amphenol
XLRnet RJ45 Ethernet Series Data Connector D Type-Amphenol


  • RJ45 Class D (10/100 Base-T), CAT5E (1000 Base-T) or CAT6 (10GBASE-T) Ethernet performance
  • D type XLR standard housings
  • IDC Punchdown block
  • Thru-adaptor / Feedthrough
  • Horizontal or Vertical PCB
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Read more:https://inaparts.com/electrical-parts/connector/xlrnet-rj45-amphenol-ethernet-series-data-connector-d-type/

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