Plugs & Jacks T Amphenol-Series Plugs

Amphenol offers two ranges of 1/4” Phone plug connectors to satisfy the needs of the manufacturer and the end-user. The PRO – a heavy-duty on-road plug and the MUSICIAN – a solid performing general use plug. Both series offer different features and benefits and the most suitable type will be determined by an application, budget, and personal choice.

Plugs & Jacks T Amphenol-Series Plugs
Plugs & Jacks T Amphenol-Series Plugs


  • Mono or Stereo (TRS).
  • Stylized shell design with Ergonomic grip.
  • Straight or Right Angle.
  • Robust diecast shell in Satin Nickel or Black finish.
  • Nickel or Gold contact plating.
  • Keyed shell.
  • Optional heavy-duty metal backshell/boot.
  • Great solderability.
  • Increased solder area on ground contact.
  • “Jaws” Cable Clamp.
  • Precision machined contacts.
  • Quick and easy assembly.


  • Gold Contacts, Large or Small Jaws Cable Clamp, Black Shell, Metal Backshell / Boot, Bulk Pack.
  • Colored grommets (ordered separately)
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