PDFlo™ PDTX4, Flocorp-Four-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor

PDFlo™ PDTX4 Four-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor

Flow measurement sometimes relies on extreme accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions, and when it does, PDFlo positive displacement flow meters are the right choice. This reliability coupled with a large turndown range offers an affordable replacement for older turbine technology. Beyond their measurement ability, the solid construction and dynamic response of these meters causes them to stand the test of time, even in extreme process conditions.

PDFlo™ PDTX4 Four-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor
PDFlo™ PDTX4 Four-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor

The PDFlo™ PDTX4 is a four-wire, meter mounted digital flow transmitter that is compatible with most PDFlo flow meters. A large, back-lighted LCD graphic display provides an easy to read indication of flow rate or total in user-programmable engineering units. To change any key functions, simply use the magnet that is attached. No opening of the enclosure is required. To prevent the magnet from entering the programming mode inadvertently, an onboard jumper controls the ability to allow programming via external magnet. An isolated input also allows for remote rest of the totalizer. A 4-20 mA rate output with user-programmable filtering and scaling is also provided for remote indication.

Features and Benefits

Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/type-flow-meter/flocorp-transmitter-monitor/

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