PDFlo™ PDTX3 Flocorp

PDFlo™ PDTX3 Three-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor

Flow measurement provides a variety of application specific challenges because each has individual measurement requirements, restrictions, piping considerations, etc. FLO-CORP’s experienced team is second-to-none when providing expert flow advice on the correct meters for your application. Our team will help you navigate through the selection process if you are not sure which meter to use. Technologies offered include variable area, positive displacement, ultrasonic, magnetic, mass, and open channel flow meters.

PDFlo™ PDTX3 Three-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor
PDFlo™ PDTX3 Three-Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor

Flow measurement sometimes relies on extreme accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions, and when it does, PDFlo positive displacement flow meters are the right choice. This reliability coupled with a large turndown range offers an affordable replacement for older turbine technology. Beyond their measurement ability, the solid construction and dynamic response of these meters causes them to stand the test of time, even in extreme process conditions.

PDFlo™ PDTX3 Flocorp | Three Wire Flow Transmitter or Monitor

The PDFlo™ PDTX3 is a three-wire, meter mounted flow transmitter that is well-suited for a variety of remote monitoring applications. Microprocessor-based, the PDTX3 delivers fast and linear response. The operational frequency range is user-defined and accepts frequencies up to 5,000 Hz. Output signals are available in six types to meet preferred voltage, mA, and zero offset choices.

Features and Benefits

Read more:https://inaparts.com/flow-measurement/type-flow-meter/pdflo-pdtx3-flocorp-transmitter-monitor/

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