Data Connectors Amphenol-Dante Adapters

Data Connectors Amphe-Dante Adapters-Amphenol

Amphoe-Dante is Dante™ audio to analog audio adapters, available for Input, Output, AES3, and USB applications. Featuring premium quality Amphenol AX series XLR and RJ45 connectors in a robust molded housing.

Amphoe-Dante products enable simple connection of analog equipment to a Dante network and can receive and transmit audio channels from a Dante network and provide studio-quality, low-latency audio via XLR connectors to and from analog audio equipment.

Data Connectors Amphe-Dante Adapters-Amphenol
Data Connectors Amphe-Dante Adapters-Amphenol


  • Dante™to analog XLR output adapters
  • Line-level analog input to Dante™ audio output adapters
  • Dante™AES3 2 channel input/output adapters
  • Dante™USB input/output adapters
  • One channel or Two-channel analog input or output
  • Durable over-molded housing
  • Resilient cable strain relief
  • Shielded RJ45 metal connectors with integrated LED’s
  • Premium AX Series XLR connectors
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