CalFlo™ CFTM, Flocorp-Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Mete

CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter

Accurate measurement in air conditioning, dust collection, ventilation, energy consumption, potable/non-potable water, acid, oil, gas, and other applications can be accomplished by CalFlo calorimetric flow meters. These meters are easy to install and their high-quality construction will withstand industrial use.

CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter
CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter

The CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter represent the logical evolution matching modern microprocessor intelligence with over 30 years of thermal flow expertise. With its patent-pending auto-self-calibration, the CalFlo™ CFTM is the first truly “set-it and forget-it” flow and temperature solution. No need for expensive on-going calibration as CFTM is designed to maintain accuracy for many years. With standard features such as highly accurate temperature sensing with auto-self-calibration, it becomes the most exciting flow sensor in decades. The Modbus version presents the user with analog flow and temperature, has a totalizing counter and provides independent high and low adjustable flow and temperature switches. The analog version provides two independent linear 4-20mA outputs for both flow and temperature. A single potentiometer sets the flow range for analog versions.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard patent-pending auto-calibration (no temperature drift)
  • Separate adjustments for temperature and flow (Modbus version)
  • Counter totalizer (Modbus version)
  • The choice between Modbus RTU Output or 4-20mA
  • Encapsulated for vibration resistance
  • Withstands up to 1400 psi static pressure
  • No moving parts


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