CalFlo™ CFHM FLocorp

CalFlo™ CFHM FLocorp

CalFlo™ CFHM FLocorp | Low Flow Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter

Ideal for monitoring low flow rates, the CalFlo™ CFHM is a self-contained, thermal mass liquid flow meter that is ideal for measurement and control applications. The CFHM is field adjustable and provides a 4-20 mA output for flow rate. The hollow stainless steel tube acts as the sensing device and provides intrusion-free flow monitoring. Typical applications include chemical dosing, oil lubrication monitoring, food and beverage processing, light to medium viscosity fluids, and a variety of other industrial applications. Select the appropriate configurations based on your application or contact our Application Specialist for additional assistance.

CalFlo™ CFHM FLocorp
CalFlo™ CFHM FLocorp

Features and Benefits

  • Compact, Rugged Industrial Design
  • Self-Contained Flow Meter
  • Ideal for Small Pipe Sizes
  • Non-Intrusive Sensing
  • Suitable for Liquids, Semi-Solids, and a Wide Range of Corrosive Media
  • Field Adjustable With a 4-20 mA Output
  • No Moving Parts


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