Isoil Electromagnetic microflow sensor MS 501 ISOMAG

Electromagnetic microflow sensor MS 501 ISOMAG
Isoil Electromagnetic microflow sensor MS 501 ISOMAG
Electromagnetic microflow sensor MS 501 ISOMAG

ISOIL Industria is a global manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters for liquids, thanks to HEMINA, its production centre, and LIBRA, its accredited calibration laboratory.

With product lines covering Flow, Levels, Energy Measurement, Analysis, Automation and Controls, Hardware Systems, and Software, we operate mainly in the sectors of the integrated water cycle, HVAC, industrial automation, security, and transport control, food and chemical industries, agriculture and building automation.

The sensors for electromagnetic flowmeters of the ISOMAG line are used to measure conductive liquids in various applications, thanks to a wide availability of nominal diameters, materials for coatings and electrodes, process connections, and certifications.

The ISOMAG MS 501 microflow sensor for flow meters is the smallest instrument in the series, with a wide range of applicability thanks to the variety of its attachments.

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Technical Data

Overall Features

  • Nominal diameter: DN 3 ÷ 20
  • Minimum conductivity: 5 µS/cm
  • Humidity Range: 0÷100% (IP 67)
  • Accuracy: See relevant converter datasheet
  • CE Certification: Yes

Standard Features

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