ChannelFlo™ OCRA, Flocorp-Radar Open Channel Flow Meter

ChannelFlo™ OCRA Radar Open Channel Flow Meter
ChannelFlo™ OCRA Radar Open Channel Flow Meter
ChannelFlo™ OCRA Radar Open Channel Flow Meter

The ChannelFlo™ OCRA Radar Open Channel Flow Meter is an all-in-one solution preconfigured for open channel flow. The OCRA can provide accurate measurements in a wide variety of applications such as small streams, sewers, large rivers, V-notch weirs, and flumes. Our technology allows precision continuous measurement that allows the user to monitor remotely at the convenience of a PC or locally at the display. All of our ChannelFlo™ systems are calibrated for your specific application before leaving our factory for easy setup and installation in the field. In an Open Channel application, it is very important to have a quality, durable, and accurate level measurement sensor. Our Tracer Air™ Radar Level Transmitter measures up to 98 feet, has no moving parts, and can measure solids or liquids. The next component in the OCRA is an intuitive, reliable monitoring device. Our CONNEX 3D™ is a high performance, industrial-grade analog I/O device with digital communications that offer flexibility, reliability, and affordability on a DIN mount platform. The CONNEX 3D™ is supplied with remote monitoring software that can remotely monitor, receive e-mail alerts, data log, and much more. If you require a pump to control the eXmod™ Relay Expansion module is recommended. The eXmod connects to the CONNEX 3D™ via RS-485 serial communication (4-wire) and provides a 10 AMP AC/DC rated relay to maximize the system’s capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Small antenna size, non-contact radar, rugged design
  • Pre-calibrated for easy installation and setup
  • No moving parts
  • Measures solids or liquids
  • Ideal for difficult levels measurement applications such as vapor, steam, pressure, change of temperature, dust, and foam.
  • High SNR, even in the case of fluctuations results in the accurate performance
  • High frequency, the best choice to measure solids, and low dielectric media


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