Model: BGF Heinrichs-Variable Area Flow Meter

Model BGF Variable Area Flow Meter
Model BGF Variable Area Flow Meter
Model BGF Variable Area Flow Meter

From May 2015 on the mechanical flow meters series, BGF shipped with new and optimized indicator housing.
The new aluminum indicator housing is made of high-performance aluminum and is safely protected from corrosion or weather influences through a special anodizing as well as highly resistant paint finish.

The enclosure surfaces are rounded, the radius is optimized, and protect very effective that splash or other corrosives from the process environment will collect on or at the enclosure. The indicator housing inside has been optimized and therefore turned out to be flatter than it´s predecessor.

The proven technology of the sensor as well as from the sensor transmission has not been modified and will, therefore, be available unchanged with reliability and high robustness.


Flow metering of liquids and gases in pipelines.
Indication of momentary volume- or mass flow per time unit.
Applications: chemical-, petrochemical-, oil- and gas industry


Especially suitable for its robust design for processes under difficult and harsh conditions

Special features

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