Volume Corrector FMVC-111 Flow Meter Group

Volume Corrector FMVC-111 Flow Meter Group
Volume Corrector FMVC-111 Flow Meter Group
Volume Corrector FMVC-111 Flow Meter Group

The FMVC-111 is designed to convert gas volume in operating conditions to gas volume in standard conditions according to the state equation. For that purpose, it reads pulses from a gas meter and measures gas temperature and gas pressure. The volume corrector will support PTZ, PT, TZ, or T type conversions using algorithms for calculation of compressibility factors according to the standards AGA 8-92DC, AGA NX-19 mod, AGA 8-G1, AGA 8-G2, SGERG-88  or fixed. The mechanical concept of the conversion device is selected to operate as a single channel. Device configuration also enables measuring and monitoring other quantities.

The FMVC-111 gas volume corrector is constructed with the latest microprocessor technology which enables measuring of pressure and temperature using analog transducers. The device provides a large capacity of archives and enables flexibility to change the intervals of data recording. As a standard function, the device can generate digital pulses proportional to primary and standard volume as calculated. Data storage is secured by using a hardware switch or a programmable password. The FMVC-111 is designed to solve complex solutions using flexible functional modules. It is battery powered with the option of an external power supply. All required actual and calculated values are presented on a backlighted graphical LCD operated by a 6-button keypad.

It is also possible to make basic parameterization through the keypad. Automated meter reading (AMR) by supervisory systems trough serial interface RS-232/RS-485 or PSTN/GSM/GPRS/Radio modems is available with extended modem diagnostic features.

Temperature sensor

PT-1000 probe
• Length 75/120mm, diameter 5.7 mm
• Two-wire cable length up to 10m
• Accuracy: < 0.1 % from measured value
• Optional 2nd temperature transducer

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